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Luke Fickell Faces Significant Challenges - Steve - 08-17-2011

COLUMBUS, OH - MARCH 30: Assistant Head Coach...

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The greatest challenging facing Ohio State head coach Luke Fickell is choosing a quarterback to succeed last year’s Heisman candidate Terrelle Pryor. Fans and coaches love the competitive spirit on the practice field this fall, but a team needs to know who is going to fill the pivotal role of quarterback so they can adjust their offense accordingly to his ability.

But that is not the only problem he faces. Since Head Coach Jim Tressel lost his job suddenly on May 30th, Luke Fickell has inherited a program with national aspirations that will remain under extreme NCAA scrutiny for the near-term. Having lost their three-year starting quarterback in the scandal, they will also suffer the loss of several key players who face a five-game suspension at the beginning of 2011. Choosing a 2011 Buckeye Quarterback is a decision that could determine whether Fickell himself survives more than one season.

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RE: Luke Fickell Faces Significant Challenges - hieuma - 09-19-2011

Curtis Grant was telling me a few days ago he's never been so sore in his life, intense workouts!!