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#2 Demetrious Cox- Jeannette - Defensive Film - Steve - 11-02-2011

#2 Demetrious Cox- Jeannette

In this highlight film from FinestPrep.com, Jeannette PA safety prospect Demetrious Cox is shown hitting receivers hard as they make receptions or try to gain yards after a catch. In the final play of the video, Cox grabs a fumble in the air and runs it back for a touchdown. This purely defensive video shows much of the ability he has playing in the defensive backfield that has made him the top 14th safety in the country for 2012. Cox has made the decision to take his time with recruiting after narrowing his schools down to 10 in August.

#2 Demetrious Cox- Jeannette

Posted on Tue, 01 Nov 2011 15:21:00 PDT at http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/eFilmRoom/~3/Bg6kkoSWp4U/-2-Demetrious-Cox-Jeannette-Defensive-Film.aspx