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Jake Wray Set To Play For Buckeyes - Steve - 05-04-2018


Jake Wray seems to have made an early decision to play for OSU when his time comes. The Franklin HS star will more than likely follow through with his commitment, considering that this would help to reunite him with his brother Max who's currently enrolled at OSU. They played together while they were both on the Franklin team.

At 6-foot 5-inches and 290 lbs., Jake Wray is a large offensive lineman who expects to graduate in 2020 barring any unforeseen circumstances. That means he would be able to suit up for the 2021 season at the earliest.

Having transferred to Marietta HS in Georgia last fall after a dispute with officials, both brothers were forced to miss the final two games of the season. The dispute apparently stems from the way that the coaches handled injured players, which apparently caused some sort of an issue with his parents.

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