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Jaden McKenzie Makes An Impact At OSU - Steve - 12-27-2018


The most recent OSU recruiting class added another vital player as Wake Forest (North Carolina Campus) DT Jaden McKenzie has committed to the college. McKenzie is the first DT that Ryan Day has grabbed for the 2019 class.

Larry Johnson now has the defensive tackle that he's wanted for some time, and both he and Day see a ton of opportunity in McKenzie since he's got both strength and the ability to play between the sidelines.

McKenzie Upside

McKenzie is a large beast of an interior DT. He adds both size and athleticism to the other side of the ball, and he can run pretty well for a man of his size. This gives him the ability to take on blockers and produce takeaways.

Most importantly, McKenzie isn't afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done. His previous academic team took home countless wins, and this eventually got them to the big one on three different occasions.

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