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E.J. Liddell Receives Threats after Ohio State Loss - Steve - 03-27-2021

When Ohio State entered the 2021 NCAA tournament, many thought they had a chance to go all the way. This team had a successful regular season, sometimes looking like one of the country’s best teams. Although they had a fair share of losses in the regular season, they competed in what was considered the toughest conference all season long.

Just a few days after selection Sunday, Ohio State found their season over as they lost to Oral Roberts in overtime. Many believed that they had a pretty favorable draw, but they could never get going against the 15th seed. They were lucky to get to overtime in the first place, but losing in a tough one was particularly devastating.

EJ Liddell Receives Threats
E.J. Liddell Receives Threats

After the loss, there was a lot of backlash. In particular, Ohio State’s EJ Liddell came out and discussed some of the threats and hateful messages he received after the loss. Despite having a great season and playing fairly well in the game, he took a lot of the negativity due to how things ended up.

Passionate fans crossing the line with E.J. Liddell Threats

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