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NCAA Yet To Decide Ohio State Sanctions
Brandon Graham (American football) and Terrell...

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Ohio State Football Investigation Continues

Ohio State’s football violations are still being investigated by the NCAA. ESPN has reported that the matters currently being looked at go beyond the Jim Tressel era scandal relating to tattoos for memorabilia.

ESPN reports that a letter about the other issues was sent to Ohio State by NCAA last week. The university has not yet confirmed that this letter has been received although an email to ESPN from Jim Lynch, the Ohio State  spokesman, referred to an ongoing active investigation being conducted by the NCAA.

Posted on Wed, 17 Aug 2011 09:58:00 GMT at
The NCAA needs to be investigated. Selective enforcement all day
I would expect the roster editors here on OS will simply remove them from the depth chart and leave it up to the people who use their rosters to put them back whenever they want.

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