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Coach Tressel at Big 10 Media Day


Coach Tressel made some comments on day one of the Big Ten media day, and some of those comments regarded members of the 2009 recruiting class.

By Marlene Gundlach

On Jamaal Berry and his recent trouble with the law, Tressel commented “He (Berry) won’t be held back any because of his external situation.”

Jermil Martin, a 2008 recruit, will be staying at fullback. 2009 recruits Zack Boren and Adam Homan have impressed Tressel as well, saying “Jermil Martin will probably stay at tailback because we’re really happy with Adam Homan, and it gave us the decision to make of what we are going to do with Zack Boren, because we have high expectations for Zack.”

Another note from day 1 was the announcement that sophomore phenom Terrelle Pryor was voted the preseason offensive player of the year. Coach Tressel was surprised at the announcement saying “I guess I had forgotten that they do such a thing.”

With all of the youth on this Buckeye squad, there are a lot of questions that will need to be answered by September 5th when Ohio State hosts Navy.

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