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Running Back University Struck Again With DeMario McCall

North Ridgeville's Demario Mccall, right, breaks the Lorain County rushing record with an eight-yard run on the game's final play. Making the tackle is Jeremy Smith of Elyria Catholic. DAVID RICHARD/CHRONICLE

A big announcement from Ohio State recruiting is that DeMario McCall has committed to be a Buckeye for the upcoming season.

As things stand, Ohio State will start to be known as the "Running back University" because of their great recruiting success. DeMario McCall will add a great deal to the 2016 class without a shadow of a doubt and it is to a great deal thanks to Urban Meyer and his team.

Notre Dame, Tennessee, Penn State and a number of other predominant universities were all after the talented DeMario McCall's' signature. However, he decided that despite all the other offers, going to Ohio State was the best decision for him.

Posted on Fri, 10 Apr 2015 08:16:31 PDT at

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