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Ohio State Spring Game 2020 Cancelled

All over the U.S and across the wider world, sporting events are being cancelled and postponed due to concerns about the spread of the deadly coronavirus COVID 19. Already huge sporting competitions and iconic events like the La Liga soccer tournament, MLS games, and the remainder of the NBA season have felt the consequences of this virus. One of the most recent sporting traditions to fall victim to the Covid 19 pandemic was the Ohio State Spring Game.

The spring game is normally a joyous occasion for fans and athletes alike, where the best college football talent is on display. So, that being said, it was with a heavy heart that authorities at Ohio State, Notre Dame and Michigan have cancelled this long standing tradition. The spring game also acts as a launch pad for new players and helps to get fans and players hyped up and excited for the upcoming season.

The Ohio State Spring game was due to be played between the Scarlet and the Gray on Saturday April 11th. College authorities decided to make and publicize the decision well in advance to minimize the disruption to fans lives. The Ohio State university have also put in place other sporting limitations in response to the coronavirus outbreak. In a recent statement they announced that although they would continue to host inter-college sports events, only the athletes themselves and their immediate family would be allowed to attend. The move may be partly in response to the Governor of Ohio calling for a halt to 'mass gatherings' of people.

This year the 2020 Ohio State Buckeyes team will be playing in the top flight NCAA Division I football league. The Ohio State team has a number of important games upcoming, including outings against Penn State, Bowling Green and Nebraska among others. This will be the 131st season for this successful collegiate outfit, and no doubt players like Thayer Munford, Myers and Wyatt Davis will be hoping that they can capture some of the same success they have tasted in the past.

The annual Spring Game is generally viewed as an excellent showcase for upcoming talent and some of the most highly tipped players in the Buckeyes team for the 2020 season are Harvey Miller and Jean-Baptiste. Rest assured though, these fine players will have plenty of chances to show their talent when the season kicks off in earnest in September.

Ohio State Buckeyes 2020 College Football Schedule Preview

The team is widely considered to have good chances in the upcoming season, and will definitely be hoping to improve on last years performances, which helped them to win the Big 10 East division. There are some very significant personnel changes, but they will definitely be helped by the fact that their head coach Ryan Day will be returning to lead them in the 2020 season. Day has already built a solid relationship with this group of impressive college athletes, and will surely be hoping to channel that dynamic to victory in their upcoming games.

In summary, the 2020 Spring Game featuring Ohio State is another example of a much anticipated sporting event being cancelled in an effort to contain the deadly coronavirus. We can only hope that sporting schedules will return to normal in good time.

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