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Ohio State Football Schedule 2020


When the Big 10 released their 2020 football schedule for the last time in the middle of September, Ohio State came out in a pretty good position. Nebraska on the other hand got a very difficult schedule. Some feel Nebraska’s tough schedule was punishment for the university openly being upset with the Big 10 over cancelling their Fall football season. They travel to Ohio State, play Wisconsin at home, travel to Northwestern and then have Penn State at home, not the easiest way to start a season. Ohio State is considered the favorite in the conference with the coaching staff and depth on their roster. Every team plays everyone in their division and then 2 games outside of their division.

Ohio State vs Nebraska October 24th 12:00pm on FOX

Ohio State at Penn State October 31st

Should be a huge matchup on Halloween with Penn State looking like the 2nd best team in the conference. Whoever wins will be on their way to a conference championship.

Ohio State vs Rutgers November 7th

Some have speculated that this game will not happen with New York and New Jersey having more Covid 19 lockdowns that other parts of the country.

Ohio State at Maryland November 14th

Ohio State vs Indiana November 12st

No road game to Indiana this year as the Hoosiers come to Columbus. Fans will be disappointed since they usually travel and sell out the stadium, turning it into the Horseshoe.

Ohio State at Illinois November 28th

Ohio State at Michigan State December 5th

Two road games in a row isn’t great and Michigan State at times has given the Buckeyes trouble.

Michigan at Ohio State December 12th on FOX

The big rivalry happening at the end of the season will draw lots of attention nationwide. Hopefully games are not postponed during the schedule causing issues for this big event. No break between the final game and the Big Ten Championship Game.

[BREAKING] Justin Fields SHOCKED Big Ten Releases 2020 Fall Football Schedule

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