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Meet Ohio State Football Player Joshua Mickens For 2023


Get ready for Joshua Mickens (twitter)! This top-rated defensive Edge from Ohio State is already making waves in the college football scene. Don't miss out on this rising star for 2023!

Joshua Mickens is a defensive Edge from Indianapolis who is already making waves in the college football scene. He'll be joining Ohio State as part of their 2023 recruiting class, and fans are already eagerly anticipating his arrival. Get ready for an electric player that is sure to make a huge impact on the field!

Mickens, previously committed to LSU, was set to make his college selection at the All-American Bowl All-Star Game. But the stand-out 4 star Indiana recruit decided to sign with OSU the day the rest of the 2023 class did at the end of the early signing period.Ohio State has 7 players in the All-American Bowl this year on January 7th showing how good this class is for them.

Who is Joshua Mickens?

Joshua Mickens is an up-and-coming defensive Edge from the state of Ohio who is already turning heads. Coming from a successful high school career, he joins the Ohio State Family as part of their 2023 recruiting class. He loves football, and loves winning even more. With his strong work ethic and dedication to the game, he'll be sure to make an impact on the field in years to come!

What are Ohio State's expectations for Mickens in 2023?

As an Ohio State football player, Mickens is expected to strive for nothing less than excellence both on and off the field. He is expected to apply his hard work, dedication, and passion for the game of football to succeed at Ohio State. His coaches and teammates believe that he can make an immediate difference - if not now then in the future - if he applies his knowledge, skill and competitive nature to any challenge presented to him.

How has his high school football career prepared him for college football?

Joshua Mickens has an impressive, accomplished high school football career that has prepared him for the challenge of college football. He was captain of his varsity team, a first-team All-State selection and was even named Defensive Player of the Year in his area. His success as a leader and performer have given him the confidence, determination and drive necessary to make an impact on Ohio State's defense from day one.Over the past two years he has secured over 152 tackles in 22 games.

What challenges faces Mickens going into the 2023 season?

Joshua Mickens will face new challenges at the collegiate level that he did not experience in high school. With a whole new level of competition, he will have to adjust his play-style and approach to the game in order to make an impact. He may also run into various administrative and other logistical hurdles on the way to success as college football is quite different from high school football. He stated that playing for line coach Larry Johnson was something that drew him to the Buckeye program.He understands Johnson’s ability to developed great line players and put them into the NFL.

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