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Ohio State Welcomes Illinois Wide Receiver Nolan Baudo as Preferred Walk-On

Ohio State Football has added another talented player to their roster with the signing of Illinois wide receiver Nolan Baudo as a preferred walk-on. Learn more about what he brings to the team!

The Ohio State Football team has gained another asset to their roster as Illinois wide receiver Nolan Baudo will join the Buckeyes on a preferred walk-on basis. As a talented athlete, Baudo's addition brings not only size but skill to the team and is sure to add an extra boost of energy to the squad.

Nolan Baudo

Who is Nolan Baudo?

Nolan Baudo is a wide receiver from Illinois who joins the Ohio State Football team as a preferred walk-on. From the same school as incoming wide receiver Carnell Tate, Marist High School in Chicago Illinois. Last year, Baudo had two touchdowns on 313 yards from 29 catches.

What football skills does he bring to Ohio State?

Ohio State Football is getting an excellent addition with the signing of wide receiver Nolan Baudo. He's a big, smart player who has had plenty of success in his career and brings impressive skills to the table. His size will be an asset for sure, as will his knowledge of different defensive schemes and playing styles from past opponents. He can use his athleticism to beat out defenders, especially on deep routes and jump balls. In addition, Baudo is aware of how to efficiently use his body when making cuts or running routes in order to maximize space. All of these qualities make him an invaluable asset to the team!

Why did he choose the Buckeyes as his college destination?

As a preferred walk-on, Baudo had the unique opportunity to choose which college football powerhouse he wanted to join. In choosing Ohio State, he saw an opportunity and a challenge in playing for such a renowned program with an established culture of success. He stated that "I'm extremely excited to be given this opportunity by Coach Day and the rest of the coaching staff at The Ohio State University. It’s an honor to be a part of such a prestigious program, and I can't wait to help the team win." With his vast experience and skill set, there's no doubt that Baudo can help propel the Buckeyes even further on their hunt for championships!

Nolan Baudos already knows what his role will look like at Ohio State, and is prepared to contribute in any way that helps the team best. Building on his relationships with offensive coordinator Hartline and tight ends coach Keenan Bailey, Baudo earned his place on Ohio States football roster as the favorite to walk-on, joining Tate in the wide receiver room for Ohio State football - a goal he had written down on a board two years earlier.

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