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O‭hio State Football vs Indiana Preview September 2nd 2023

In the heart of Buckeye Nation, the anticipation has reached its zenith as the Ohio State football faithful count down the moments until the Saturday clash against Indiana (3:30pm on CBS). The scarlet and gray fervor is palpable, a rhythmic drumbeat of excitement echoing through the state.

Amidst the hype and fervor, Coach Ryan Day's proclamation has solidified: Kyle McCord will lead the charge as Ohio State's quarterback in the season opener against Indiana. The Buckeyes' pivot position has been a matter of speculation and conjecture, and now, the veil has been lifted. Indiana's scouting game plan, meticulously crafted, harkens back to the days of high school film sessions, dissecting the strengths and vulnerabilities of OSU's quarterbacks. Every move, every throw, every nuance - meticulously analyzed.


For Indiana's new signal-caller, bravery shall be the watchword. The unforgiving arena of Ohio State football requires a quarterback who dares to take risks, who steps into the center of the storm without fear of mistakes. The gridiron awaits, and a baptism by fire against the Buckeyes is the true test of mettle.

However, amidst the on-field battles, there's a subplot that's captivating not only the Buckeye faithful but the entire college football fraternity. Brian Hartline's ascension to the role of coordinator has set the domain abuzz. With Kevin Wilson's departure to lead the charge at Tulsa, Hartline stepped into a role that commands respect. A staggering $1.6 million salary reflects the faith the institution places in his ability to navigate and commandeer a record-setting offense - one he played a pivotal role in sculpting.

When the lights illuminate the field on Saturday, the snap of the ball will hold its own intrigue. Carson Hinzman, a name resonating with anticipation, will take position at center. This decision, sidelining Louisiana-Monroe transfer Vic Cutler, underscores the meticulous choices that shape a team primed for victory.

History casts a long shadow, and the Buckeyes have woven a tapestry of triumph against the Hoosiers. A 27-game win streak, a feat unmatched in conference history by a remarkable 16 games, speaks to the dominion Ohio State has held over Indiana. As we delve into the annals of conference rivalries, only three such streaks have reached the double-digit mark: Indiana (27), Minnesota (11), and Northwestern (10).

Yet, in the grand tapestry of college football, odds sway like pendulums, revealing intriguing truths. Ohio State's ambitions to seize the national championship are accompanied by slightly longer odds than those befalling the Michigan Wolverines. This revelation, against all conventional wisdom, adds a twist to the narrative. With Michigan's recent successes in the Big Ten, one might assume their odds would be more favorable. The gridiron, like life, offers its own set of enigmatic turns.

As the sun sets on the eve of the long-awaited clash, Ohio State stands poised, history at their backs, future before their eyes. The story of triumph, strategy, and fervor will soon be written upon the hallowed turf of the gridiron, etching a new chapter in the storied saga of Buckeye football.

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