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Cody Haddad: From Badgers to Buckeyes

College football recruiting is like a crazy game itself, right? One-minute things are chill, the next there’s a surprise play that throws everything off. Well, that’s exactly what happened with Cody Haddad. This dude was basically locked in to play for Wisconsin, but then BAM! Total switcheroo. Get ready, because this is some juicy recruiting drama that’ll have you glued to your seat.

Cody Haddad
Cody Haddad

The Wisconsin Commitment

Back in January, the Badgers were doing their happy dance. They’d secured a commitment from Cody Haddad, a versatile athlete from Cleveland, Ohio. Haddad, a safety who often made life miserable for quarterbacks, had pledged his loyalty to the cheesehead. Wisconsin fans were already dreaming of him intercepting passes at Camp Randall Stadium, and cheese curds were practically celebrating.

The Ohio State Temptation

But then, like a twist in a Hollywood movie, Ohio enters the screen. The Buckeyes, perennial contenders, don’t just recruit players; They perform with skill and art. And when they offered Haddad a spot in their 2025 class, it was like dangling a shiny lure in front of a hungry bass. Suddenly, the kid from Cleveland found himself torn between the Badgers and the Buckeyes.

The Crystal Ball Prediction

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