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Trajen Odom: A Rising Star with Buckeye Dreams

Exploring the Journey of a Four-Star Defensive Tackle

In the heart of Columbus, where scarlet and gray reign supreme, a young talent has captured the attention of Buckeye Nation. His name? Trajen Odom. Let's dive into his story, from childhood dreams to the hallowed halls of Ohio State.

Trajen Odom

The First Connection

Trejean's journey began when Ohio State defensive line coach Larry Johnson made an important visit to North Carolina. Johnson targeted the talented defensive lineman and didn’t leave empty-handed. Odom got an offer from the Buckeyes, a moment that was particularly important to him. Growing up, Ohio State was one of his favorite college teams, and now, there was a knock on his door.

A Weekend in Columbus

Odom's first visit to Columbus was nothing short of exhilarating. The atmosphere, the camaraderie—it all clicked. He developed a close relationship with Coach Ryan Day, Coach Johnson and the entire defensive staff. But it wasn’t just about football; It was about brotherhood. The players and staff formed a strong team fueled by energy and a commitment to improvement.

The Technique and the Brotherhood

At practice, Odom observed the Buckeyes' defensive linemen. They weren't the biggest guys, but their technique stood out. Coach Johnson's meticulous guidance had transformed them. Odom was impressed by the fine details—the moves, the footwork—that made all the difference. He knew he could thrive here.

The Priority

Coach Johnson made it clear: Trajen Odom was a priority. The best defensive line coach in college football saw potential in him. Ryan Day echoed the sentiment. For Odom, it meant the world. To be wanted, to be part of this legacy—it fueled his determination.

The Numbers

Ranked 282nd overall and 31st among defensive linemen in the 2025 class, Odom had over 40 Division I offers. His versatility made him a force to reckon with. Three-technique—that's where he'd likely shine. But the Buckeyes saw more than a position; they saw a future star.

The June Visit

Fast forward to June 7. Trajen Odom returned to Columbus, this time for an official visit. The needle had moved further. Ohio State had become more than a contender; it was home. The weight of the scarlet jersey, the roar of the crowd—it beckoned him.


Trajen Odom's journey intertwines with Ohio State's legacy. As he steps onto the field, he carries dreams, determination, and the promise of greatness. Keep an eye on number 99—the Buckeyes' rising star.

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