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What did we learn about College ball this week?


There are only 3 top teams in the NCAA—Florida, Texas and Alabama. And there is a better than average chance that none of them will make it undefeated through the 09 season.

#3 Alabama had more trouble with Kentucky than they should have. Based on Florida coming into tobacco land and wining 41-7, the Bama win of 38-20 was not too impressive. Kentucky scored TDs in the 3rd and 4th quarter but against a mostly 2nd unit team. Florida also had a second unit on the field in the second half. The Gators won’t face Bama except possibly in the SEC Championship game.

#4 LSU got a quality win over #18 Georgia between the Hedges. Any SEC win on the road against a ranked team is impressive. Georgia scored a go ahead TD with 1:09 left. The LSU drive for the winning TD was impressive. They still have to be concerned about the inability to get TDs in the red zone. They were forced to kick 2 field goals in the first half because they couldn’t get to the endzone.

#6 Virginia Tech struggled to beat Duke. That isn’t a surprise because the Duke game was a sandwich road game between then #9 Miami and BC. We will get a lot better idea of how good VT is next week.

#7 USC showed #24 Cal to be a paper bear. The 30-3 win on the road against a ranked (or over ranked) team indicates that USC is done with the OSU hangover and is ready to take care of business in the PAC-10. What had been supposed to be a strong Cal O was able to get just one field goal in garbage time against the USC D.

#17 Miami is a lot tougher at home than on the road. What was particularly impressive was that Miami got 7.2 yards per pass attempt and 4.4 per rush. The Sooners averaged 6.3 and 3.6 respectively. # 8 Oklahoma just has not been able to overcome the injuries. They lost a couple of their key players in this game which will make the Texas game much more difficult if they are not able to play by then.

Both #9 Ohio State and #10 Cincinnati were solid in league wins on the road. OSU will face Wisconsin in the Shoe next Saturday which will be a much better gage of where they are than Indiana was.

#13 Iowa suffered a major letdown after winning at Penn St last week. They struggled to win at home against Arkansas St. which just became a 1A level team a couple of seasons ago. They get Michigan at night next week then travel to Wisconsin after that. They are going to have to get their feet back on the ground if they want to be a factor in the Big 10 race.

#15 Penn St. was slow getting started but looked good overall against a pretty good Illinois team. Their only shot at getting back to the top 10 will come when they welcome Ohio St. They need to play better than they did last week against Iowa to have the OSU game mean anything.

The Board of Trustees want Florida State coach Bowden to retire.


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