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OSU Spring Football: What to Expect

Chris Fields Ohio State New Tattoo

OSU Spring Football: What to Expect

OSU Spring practice is upon us, guaranteeing a jam-packed 15 days of memorable game play. Fans can expect to check out a new team, especially with some fresh players who are ready to get into the game. The spring practice is the perfect time to start to fine tune who the leaders on the field will be, especially those newer recruits who need to step up and prove their worth.

By Mark Ramos

Two of the biggest names to look out for in the OSU spring practice are Chris Fields and James Jackson, who are from the recruiting class of 2009. Unfortunately, senior Tyler Moeller will be easing into the game in his return from his head injury this past July. By the time he starts his contact drills in fall camp, it will be clear whether or not he is ready to play for the upcoming football season.

The OSU spring practice will mainly focus on catching and running strong routes, as the coaches watch for improvement over the next few weeks. This is the opportunity for the newer players to step up and get noticed, as well as the veteran players to hold their role in the team. Who will come out on top?

Mark Ramos is a coffee fanatic that has spent the entirety of his career cultivating and studying all of the best uses and brewing styles for optimal coffee and espresso flavor. His specialty site for all coffee needs, supplies, and the Bodum French Press can be found at The Coffee Bump.

Posted on Wed, 31 Mar 2010 17:10:14 GMT at
Would love to see some of the young receivers step up this spring. Washington doesn't seem to be progressing. 2 more receivers is what Pryor needs to keep his passing attack going.
This will be Boise State's last chance to put their mark on the WAC in 2010, as they will be moving to the Mountain West in 2011. Their dominance cannot be denied as the Broncos have won seven of the past eight conference titles. If Boise State were to go undefeated again this season, then they'd be riding a 26-game winning streak and it would be hard for voters to keep them out of the national title game.

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