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ESPN Sideline Reporter Erin Andrews Feels Ohio State is Liable

Erin Andrews ESPN

ESPN Sideline Reporter Erin Andrews Feels Ohio State is Liable

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews didn’t waste much time after her run on Dancing with the Stars to file a lawsuit, at the end of last week, against Ohio State and 2 other hotels were Andrews was videotaped by a deranged stalker with a peep hole camera. She is filing for negligence, distress and the invasion of her privacy against the Blackwell Inn, which is owned and operated by the university.

In February of 2008 (seems just like yesterday), a video of Andrews appeared on the Internet of her naked in a hotel room not aware that she was being video taped. According to her, she suffered emotional distress and was unable to work for a period of time because of the privacy invasion that occurred. She is seeking $1.2 million in the lawsuit.

Michael David Barrett was found to be the stalker who followed her across the country to video tape her from adjoining rooms while she was in town to work college basketball games. He was found guilty and sentenced. He will be behind bars for two and a half years after admitting to the crimes. Andrews discovered through the testimony of Barrett that the Blackwell Inn had provided her room number and booked the room next door for the stranger.

The hotels are hoping they can show that guests do not have an expectation of privacy when staying with them. Andrews feels the hotel should have discovered the altered peep hole and not provided her information to callers not associated with her employment. Andrews, being a celebrity, could have expected more privacy than other guests some following the case believe. If she is able to win the case, hotels will need to be more stringent with the release of information to outside requests about those staying at the hotel.

Posted on Tue, 20 Jul 2010 02:29:19 +0000 at
Erin Andrews should file a case against the hotel regarding his privacy . . . !!!

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