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Brazilian Samba Meets Soccer

Brazilian Samba Meets Soccer

Robin da Souza, also known as Robinho, Neymar Da Silva, and Paulo Henriaue Chagas De Lima all playing plying their trade for the Brazilin team Santos, have caused quite the stir on Youtube. Their video for the Brazilian chicken, beef and pork product company, Seara Alimentos, a sponsor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup features them in a skit spoofing Beyonce Knowles internationally selling single hit, “Single Ladies.”

In the online Youtube video, the players show off their dancing skills and their soccer skills that has them heralded among World class players by FIFA. Brazil is the home of soccer. Every time and then, a player comes up from the region to sway the masses with dazzling moves on the ball and clinical finishing. None of the players fail to mesmerize, with Robinho, Neymar and Chaga featuring on the spotlight of late.

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