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2009 Ohio State Football Pre-Preview

Ohio State Saturday Game Day  

2009 Ohio State Football Pre-Preview

Summer practice is still weeks away but the realization of only having approximately three months until the season starts has gotten this reporters juices rolling. Last season was a disappointment of sorts as Ohio State lost two regular season games and dropped a thriller to their bowl opponent Texas. The Buckeyes were ranked in the top five by most of the preseason pollsters but the team just didn’t live up to its potential, especially the offense which didn’t seem to want to show up at all last year.

By Pete Quint

It’s been the modus operandi in the Tressel era to win the games you’re supposed to and lose consistently to higher ranked opponents. That’s not a jab at Tress, it’s the truth. The last time the Buckeyes beat a team ranked above them in the polls was Miami (FL) in the 2002 National Championship game. This is a disturbing trend in Buckeye football that needs to change or the team will continue to be ridiculed nationally as an above average team in a weak conference. This season, the Buckeyes will continue to load up on cupcakes in the preseason, play one legit out of conference and cruise through the Big Ten looking for another conference championship. Outside USC, Penn State and maybe Wisconsin, there’s not much competition for Ohio State in 2009.

While 12-0 is very realistic, albeit scarlet colored and optimistic, the Bucks are much more likely to go 11-1 than 9-3. Anything less than 10 wins and as least a share of the Big Ten title this season will be a big disappointment. Tressel will have his young troops ready to earn the Big Ten crown but how will the Bucks fare against USC and most likely an SEC bowl opponent? Here’s a quick look at Ohio State’s opponents for the 2009 season.

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