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Three Years Since the Bulldogs Went From Underdogs to Top Dogs
BOISE, ID - NOVEMBER 19:  Derrell Acrey #52 of...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Most of us have heard of various, sports-based Cinderella stories, especially those that are centered on professional sporting teams, such as the Tampa Bay Rays 2008 season that finished with an American League Championship or the US Men's Olympic Hockey Team gold medal win in the 1980s. However, Cinderella stories can occur in any sport, at any time, and at any level. The Cinderella story is intrinsic to the hope that lives in every player that some day, he or she could score the big win. One of the greatest Cinderella stories to ever come about in college-level sports is the Fresno State Bulldogs' success during the 2008 College World Series.

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